America american dating myths

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America american dating myths

But, as it turns out, Americans are actually exercising more today than in the past.In 2001, 46 percent of Americans reported at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on 5 or more days per week.But according to a recent report published in the journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, scientists should rethink entirely the way obesity research is conducted and what causes of the problem we should focus on.

In fact, our second president, John Adams, even wrote that “the Second of July, 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America.” We all know the story of Pocahontas according to Disney, but this version is pretty far from the truth.

Still, it’s good to know the truth behind some of these myths, as well as what’s been made up, changed, or exaggerated.

Read on for 7 of the most persistent American historical myths.

First of all, the name “Pocahontas” is actually a nickname that means something close to “spoiled child.” Her real name was Matoaka, but it is true that she was the daughter of the chief Powhatan.

Secondly, we can categorically deny any romantic relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith.

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More recently the Innocent Nation myth prevented many Americans from understanding, or even discussing, the complex motivations of the 9/11 terrorists. "This book is a wake-up call."--Christianity Today "Myths America Lives By is ferociously rational in its moral character.