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One of Hanson’s comrades was inside the box comparing the written responses to the Zodiac’s hand-written messages to the media.

If he found a match, he would send a message to another person hiding in a freezer, who would then look to identify the author of the note. Hanson, a fast food restaurateur whose previous film experience included small roles in exploitation films, sought to make a film about the killer's exploits.

In 1970, the San Francisco Bay Area was reeling from the attacks of a media-hungry serial killer dubbed the Zodiac.

He shot and stabbed seven people, five fatally, in a 10-month period, between December 1968 and October 1969.

To this day, the Zodiac has not been unmasked and the case remains open in the San Francisco Police Department.

As the Zodiac killer terrified the San Francisco Bay Area, one man hatched a plan to catch the murderer himself.

The Zodiac killed Stine in an affluent neighborhood of San Francisco called Presidio Heights‘Since Zodiac was a movie fan and an egotist and since the movie played only to a limited audience in San Francisco, the chances he was in the seat behind you were pretty good,’ wrote Robert Graysmith, a San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist who sought to solve the case.

Graysmith’s book, ‘Zodiac,’ is one of the most definitive accounts of the case.

The Zodiac’s first known strike was December 20, 1968.The killings were random and did not conform to a neat pattern.A teenage couple was shot in a secluded lovers’ lane; a 29-year-old taxi driver was killed in a posh, densely-populated corner of San Francisco.In one letter from 1974, the killer claimed to have murdered 37 people across California.Unsolved cases linked to him include two teenagers killed on a beach near Santa Barbara and a nurse who disappeared near Lake Tahoe.

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An individual approached the car and shot into it, as Faraday and Jensen tried to escape.