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If you're looking to block on-line site ads and offensive Web content, you don't need to buy special software -- instead, you can use a PAC file for any browser. Typically they sign up with ad servers that deliver content and track views and clicks.Thus you can block most web site ads by blocking a fairly limited number of ad servers.5 Things That Don't Prove Your Flu Shot Didn't Work Can you really feel the weather in your bones? How Paramedics Work How often should I repaint the exterior of my home?5 Helpful First-time Homebuyer Programs Are poinsettias poisonous?Multiple specifications provide a fallback when a proxy fails to respond.The browser fetches this PAC file before retrieving other pages.

A PAC file contains a Java Script function "Find Proxy For URL(url, host)".

If your browser is configured to use a PAC file, the Find Proxy For URL function is called every time your browser attempts to access a URL, even if Java Script is turned off in your browser. Any other URL requests would be directly requested without the use of a proxy server. // Proxy Auto-Config // // // Define the network paths (direct, proxy and deny) // // Default connection var direct = "DIRECT"; // Alternate Proxy Server var proxy = "PROXY"; // Default localhost for denied connections var deny = "PROXY"; // // Proxy Logic // function Find Proxy For URL(url, host) This PAC files builds upon the first example.

Clients will be directed the proxy server (proxy = "PROXY") when they try to access the URL "*.domain.home" or "*" and any other URL requests would be directly requested.

PAC files consist of Java Script defining the function Find Proxy For URL(url, host), and are saved with the file type

The return value for this function says whether to use a proxy for this URL, a SOCKS proxy, or connect directly. It will direct the client to use the proxy server (proxy = "PROXY") when they try to access the URL "*.domain.home" or "*".

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Controlling how users across an organization connect to the Internet and intranets can be a tricky task to administer.