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I'm not just pointing my finger at Islam either, The US is politically very conservative and very religious. Women have always been superior but men held them down.

Women are emerging in China and in 50 years we may be looking at them for certain social progressiveness as much as they look toward us. Now that the truth is out and both women and men know it, women are taking over every aspect of society.

But i hate to think what will happen if the rouge male states we see on the tv every day,ever get there hands on nukes,or real chemical weapons.

I would love to see women gain control,and then every one lives in peace,but doubt it will happen.

A hundred years ago not too many people would have thought that women could be considered equal to men in society. ' We all know that men still have the majority of positions of power in public life, but the numbers are shifting daily.

The whole pretense put forward by liberals is completely phony. It seems we males make nothing but trouble when we do things that take thought and responsibility--obviously because we are not really capable of either. we should listen more and try not to forget that we are in the presence of women....

If in fact you all look at matriarchal societies in India and other parts of Asia, males are very much free citizens more so than in our society and "femsup" has nothing to do with this.

Just A Comment Female Superiority and Matriarchy are two different things, although related.

The Matriarchy is coming, it can't be stopped and why would anyone try?

When its clear that one gender is superior to the other (no debates please, just accept the truth even if it isn't what you'd like), then it's only natural the superior gender should rule over the lesser creature.

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Randyfine for the western world,but what about the middle east.