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Dating scams sent flowers

If you’ve suffered financial fraud, also call your bank. You also need to protect yourself from future wrongdoings by this scammer.

“Flag and close any accounts he or she may have access to,” Fleet says.

Now, they are lonely and scared, and if they are over 25, they have no idea how the dating scene works,” Fleet says.

What doesn’t say in that story is not all of these online “daters” are looking for a loving relationship.Some online dating scammers post photos and profiles designed to lure singles to “chat.” The, unsuspecting victims fall under their spell and are bilked out of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Several months and many lies later, he’d drained her bank account of 0,000. We meet Marlene in author Carole Brody Fleet’s new book, due out in April 2016, “When Bad Things Happens to Good Women.” Fleet also spent some time on Internet matchmaking sites, giving her expertise in spotting fakers.Marlene (not her real name), an attractive, educated and successful woman, sought pen pals through online dating sites after her husband died. “Don’t be so anxious to get a date for Valentine’s Day that you jeopardize your own safety,” Fleet says.Olyinka Sunmola is a Nigerian citizen who was running this fraud from South Africa.He posted fake profiles on a variety of dating sites, including My, Plenty of Fish, e, and In these profiles he claimed to be widowed with a child, and to be a practicing Christian with a strong faith.

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She encourages anyone involved in or considering the Internet dating scene to beware when the following happens: Amy Nofziger, director of regional operations with the AARP Foundation, does extensive work with the AARP Fraud Watch Network and notes fraudsters profess their love to you quickly.