Fijian dating australia

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Fijian dating australia

Fiji has good medical facilities with hospitals and lab facilities in all principal cities and towns. But accidents do happen and it is best to be covered rather than maxing your credit card on overseas medical treatment.

The farther you go from principal cities, the more basic the services available. Thus you will be able to converse with most anyone. Tourist entry visas are granted on arrival for a stay of up to 4 months. This is the home of the friendliest people on earth. Its a feeling that has to be experienced to be appreciated. Fiji was a British colony and even though Fijian and Hindustani are the principal languages everyone studies the Kings English in school. Then shortly before landing, you will pass the international dateline and move into day two. You will leave LAX in the evening and a short while after takeoff, pass the midnight hour and into another day.

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The reason to mention the luggage requirements is NOT to over pack for Fiji especially if you flying within the country.

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