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but on its own gilberts is harmless, it just means that our livers dont work as well as everyone elses, which causes high bilirubin levels and takes us longer to get rid of toxins and viruses.

I found out that i had gilberts after my bilirubin levels rocketed after I had glandular fever last july, often a virus ot other illness causes the liver to be under stress so levels go up and you get yellow skin and so on.

Try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know X my mum recently had blood tests and the levels to do with her liver came back abnormal so she had to have a scan (though she was a bit flustered when the dr told her so we weren't sure whether it was an ultrasound or a catscan) and we were worrying about it all week.

the dr had mentioned her anti depression medication and drinking alcohol and taking pain killers for joint pain may have contributed to the abnormal results.

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so just thought i'd mention that, as it could turn out to be something simple like my mum had.

My liver tests always came back a bit high so I got sent for a liver scan too.

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