Freehome cams

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Freehome cams

While outdoors at night, the night sensors do work as you would expect them to, however, since the Arlo cameras do not record 24/7 (I will get into that later) you will receive alerts when there is motion to your smart device via companion app.

I did notice a significant amount of my battery dying being outside on the balcony as well.

In regards to video output, every time I used the app, the camera would have a 2.7 second delay (timed) from what I did versus what displayed on the camera.

Since he is in his crate majority of the day while we are at work, from time to time I would like to check up on him just to see if he’s doing okay.

One thing that frustrates a lot of people about home security systems is the fact that many still need to be plugged into a physical outlet in order to actually work, at all times.

This could be troublesome if you don’t have a furniture to hide the cables, or if you’re outlets are already full.

Luckily the Arlo comes with seven free days of cloud recordings, with the ability to get more storage, of course, at a price (.99 a month or per year for up to 10GB of recording).

Another thing to mention is that there is no ability to zoom in on the camera, or move the camera directly from the app, other than rotating your phone into portrait mode so you can see things a bit more closer.

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