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But as I’m always telling people: mastery is just the realization that there’s more to learn. Things seem to be going well, but they’re consistently meeting women who like them well enough at first, but lose interest by the third or fourth date.

Suddenly, their dates are always “busy” before they quit returning their calls or texts. You’re not always going to be a match with someone, and it may take a couple dates to realize this.

Other times, it’s a matter of conflicting expectations – you think you’re on a date, while she thinks that this is a platonic get-together with a new friend.

I see this happen over and over again, especially with men who are uncomfortable making their intentions known.

One of the trickier aspects of improving your dating life is that there’s always another level to master. And that’s where new and different problems come sneaking in.

It’s easy to assume that once you’ve made it past that initial hump – building a cool wardrobe, getting over your approach anxiety and generally learning how to connect with potential dates – that it’s all smooth sailing from there. One of the things I hear about regularly from my readers – both here and over at my column at Kotaku – are people who keep experiencing what’s known as “the fade away” or “ghosting”.

Let’s do some troubleshooting for your dating life, shall we?

If you’re regularly getting the fade, the odds are good you’re having one of a number of common issues.

But chemistry and attraction isn’t something that you should be leaving to chance.

Your love life is too important for you to be a passive non-participant.

One of the reasons why people pull the fade is that they don’t feel any chemistry.

The situation becomes too ambiguous and hard to read and your date is left wondering whether you’re into her or not.

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Do you have similar personal values and long-term goals for your life?