Internet dating hong kong

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Internet dating hong kong

I was pleased to be able to tell her that he died on 9 January 1946 aged 68 at Ranchi Military Hospital, India, as the result of illness contracted whilst in Weishien.

Ranchi is the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand, in the area that used to be known as Bihar Province. There is a British Military Cemetery in Ranchi, but no civilians appear to be buried there.

He provided for me a wealth of information and photos that I thought you’d be interested in.

Notably a super photo of 35 members of the Signal Company at their first reunion in 1969. (Those names with initials only do not match any of my Hong Kong POW records).20 The Mavis Ming research (see last month) had an outstanding result today.

Shields told the reporter that he feared that if the hiding place was discovered, the trail would lead back to him, so he must have been terrified when on July 7th, 1943 Waterton was arrested.I also enjoyed the article about the bombing of Bungalow C, but still disagree with the conclusion that it was deliberate.I have all the documentation from the carriers (thanks to Craig Mitchell) and while it is certainly true that a ‘Japanese barracks’ at Stanley was one of their targets, I find it much more likely that the American pilots would have thought the new Stanley Prison was the barracks.All of those who attended were sent a copy of the photo and a ‘decode’ sketch that lists all who were there. Ian Gill wrote: “After Stanley, my mother, Louise Mary “Billie” Gill arrived in Wellington, New Zealand, in the lavender housecoat that my father George Giffen had made for her from a blanket. Before she left for the UK, the New Zealand government gave her 10 pounds and a friend slipped her another five pounds.Anyway, it allowed me to add a new story to the Royal Signal Gallantry Awards website, which you can see here.” The gentlemen here are Victor Ient, Henry Liley, Monty Truscott, Eustace Levett, Harold Copsey, Eric Rumford, R. Harrison, William Holland, Alec Hunt, William Mc Cormick, F. At Lower Hutt hospital, where she delivered me on October 25, 1945, New Zealanders she had never seen before would come in and drop off gifts, mainly for the baby, on her bed. She went shopping but could not find shoes small enough to fit her.

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The radio operator was one of those executed on Stanley Beach on October 29th, but the denture was never discovered and somehow Shields got hold of it and demonstrated its operation to the reporter.