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Top The site of the Keswick smelters and the scene of Gaunse's work can be readily seen, around the ' Riverside Workshop', which is at the end of Forge Lane, off the Penrith Road (A527), in the Brigham area of Keswick.Here, next to the deep rushing waters of the river Greta, along a public foot-path, up-stream from the Riverside Workshop, there is a remarkable survival of a 16th century weir of stone, built by the ever industrious German miners, into the river, to divert water direct to the smelters.

Even though it was illegal to buy and trade in Wad, the production and sale of pencils was vital for the economy and income of Jewish pedlars, which is why the trade persisted and doubtless too, the public also needed access to a valuable writing tool.The discovery of Wad and the origins of the Wad industry and the role of Jews in the origins of pencil making are aptly described by William and Robert Chambers in their educational guide of 1846:' The discovery of the substance, which took place about two centuries ago, was altogether a matter of chance.After a thunderstorm of more than usual violence, a number of trees were blown down, and the gap made by the tearing up of the roots, exposed a piece of plumbago to view.Top Another visit of particular interest is the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick.Ideal if the weather is not suitable for outdoor pursuits.

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The most accessible of these early working, is at the south end of the lake, near to Manesty and Brandlegill.