Naveen andrews dating

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Naveen andrews dating

In July, he returned from Morocco where he had completed a remake of Cecil B De Mille's Ten Commandments, alongside Omar Shariff.

He is also happily in love with his partner of seven years, the actress Barbara Hershey - who is 21 years his senior - and relishing every moment of his rebirth on the American west coast.

"There were definitely risks in doing something so contentious, but the responses have been amazing.

It's reaching out to people in a way the government and media won't."Lost, he says, has changed his life.

"I'm being offered more work and the nature of television means you are right inside people's homes.

It's a different level of fame - not like an art film like The English Patient [he played bomb disposal expert Kip, who charms Juliette Binoche].

Michael Eisner, chief executive of Disney, called it "a crazy project that's never going to work".

The cast - or what's left of them - are holed up in Oahu until next March, filming the second series.He had poisoned relations with his parents and his career was barrelling into the sidings as he grew increasingly unreliable.Today, he looks like he hasn't a care in the world.Andrews admits he was initially "extremely sceptical" about the series."A plane crashes on an island, some people survive - where do you go with that?

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