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They are often hidden for safety, so not counted in homelessness statistics, and many homelessness services are not appropriate for them - we must respond better to their needs theguardian.com/housing-networ…

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”Like the reboot that made Season 2, the latest 10-episode order upgrades the show’s formula.

For one, the show moves from Texas to the Bay Area in 1986, where Mutiny lands to expand (and Donna and Gordon attempt to fix their rattled marriage).

There’s hardly a more electrifying pairing on television than Bishé and Davis.

Mc Nairy’s subtly rendered Gordon also shines when he’s trying to balance finding his place at Mutiny while attempting to fix his marriage (Bishé and Mc Nairy also have an undeniable rapport). Besides its wonky name, there’s mile-a-minute PC talk that’ll sound like complete gibberish to people who don’t code or know how PCs are built (guilty!

Considering the five episodes I’ve seen of the new season, thank God the network gave it another chance, because these episodes are some of the most confident, elegantly shot offerings of the entire series.

When “Halt and Catch Fire” made its leap in quality last season, it did so by completely flipping its script.

Even Gordon has more to do as he attempts to make himself useful working with Donna and Cameron at Mutiny’s swanky Silicon Valley headquarters.pic.twitter.com/VEc D3tvp Pe According to @Gam Care 's 2016/17 report, 73% of callers to the National #Gambling Helpline were #gamblers calling to receive advice whilst 23% were people calling about an affected other.pic.twitter.com/rrw JTm1e Ec Many homeless women have experienced abuse.Focusing on the chemistry between those two incredible characters—instead of Gordon (who in the first season was much more compelling as a stay-at-home dad dealing with his sense of worth after taking the buyout), or Joe (whose early series blowhard monologues sometimes sucked the air out of an episode and was better on the periphery trying to work his way up at an oil company)—the show was electric.By subverting the blustery and overdone trope of mysterious and difficult men striving to make something great, “Halt and Catch Fire” positioned itself as something better than just its elevator pitch: “Like ‘Mad Men’ but in the ‘80s and about computers!

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Last year, AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire,” an ‘80s-set drama about a ragtag team of Texas computer programmers trying to go toe-to-toe with Silicon Valley, went from a fine if unspectacular show to one of TV’s most stellar offerings.