Related dating rudating 1756

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Related dating rudating 1756

Those substances should therefore also be included in the watch list, identified by their Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and EU numbers.

A fifth neonicotinoid pesticide and two other macrolide antibiotics were also determined to potentially pose a significant risk.

If new information leads to a decrease in the predicted no-effect concentration for particular substances, the maximum acceptable method detection limit might have to be lowered while those substances remain on the list.

The analytical methods are not considered to entail excessive costs.

Estrone (E1) should also be included in the watch list because of its close chemical relationship to 17-beta-estradiol, of which it is a breakdown product.

Three relevant performance measures were estimated, that is, sensitivity, precision, and number needed to read (NNR).

The update reference searches for all nine included systematic reviews identified a total of 55,099 citations that were screened resulting in final inclusion of 163 randomized controlled trials.

Highly toxic substances, used in many Member States and discharged to the aquatic environment but not or rarely monitored, should be considered for inclusion in the watch list.

That selection process should take into account information as itemised in points (a) to (e) of Article 8b(1) of Directive 2008/105/EC, giving particular consideration to emerging pollutants.

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In accordance with Article 8b(1) of Directive 2008/105/EC, the Commission has identified possible methods of analysis for the proposed substances.