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They relied upon the river for water and food, using canoes and elaborate stone traps for their fishing.

The town's name is said to derive from the Barkindji place name 'Minandichee'.

The whites encroached upon traditional hunting grounds and raped the black women.

Charles Sturt travelled up the Darling from the Murray in 1844 during his exploration of the interior.

He arrived at the site of Menindee in 1844 and then headed north-west (see entries on Broken Hill, Milparinka, Tibooburra).

It is a weird experience to drive through land which is so marginal that you wonder whether it ever rains and to suddenly come across vast freshwater lakes full of dead trees and surrounded by sand, saltbush and inhospitable red soils.

The lakes were previously an unreliable source of water, filling out during flood periods and disappearing when the river level dropped.

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At the lakes Mitchell selected a campsite on top of the sandhills. The Aborigines fled to the water where a woman with a baby on her back was killed.