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The accomodating company

Defining obesity Obesity is an excess of body fat that impairs one’s health.Obese patients are those people who have a Body Mass index (BMI) of 30.0 to 39.9.If faith-based dress and grooming don’t interfere with employees’ abilities to do their jobs, it’s best to allow them. In December, when two of the most-celebrated religious holidays occur (Christmas and Hanukkah), there’s no need to skip the festivities for fear of offending non-observing employees.Instead of throwing a company Christmas Party, throw a Holiday or End of Year Party.Consider giving employees one or two personal holidays per year they can use for religious observances.

By Kevin Crook, AIA Hospitals are struggling to serve a growing number of obese patients and are turning to design experts for advice on creating facilities to accommodate these patients.

The most basic tasks can be very difficult for obese patients, and this can adversely affect their self-esteem.

Sitting up, standing, walking, going to the bathroom, taking a shower and moving from the bed to the chair are all tasks that often require assistance.

- Obese people require more healthcare than people of average weight.

Their needs have to be considered in ORs, radiology and diagnostic imaging, both in the treatment rooms and the equipment used.

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