Updating quantum cryptography and communications threesum dating networks

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Updating quantum cryptography and communications

The discovery led to even more intense research to modify the communication protocols of QKD.

Even though QKD has limitations, they are far fewer than those of other encryption systems, and the vulnerabilities can mostly be fixed by modifying the protocol of key generation and communication, but not the principle of QKD itself; that being said we find that the system’s limitations are mostly financial.

Implementing such a secure system is, most surely, expensive and complicated.

In terms of infrastructure, any QKD network would need direct optic fiber communication between every node (every participant) in the network, which presents a difficult challenge over great distances.

The concept is that any eavesdropper trying to interfere with the connection would the photons before getting to their final destination, which makes the superposition ‘collapse’ and alters the information sent through this channel.

The observer in this situation would never be able to obtain the key necessary to decrypt the message, for which the information remains secure.

The need to encrypt data became even more relevant in 2014 after several media announced that quantum computers (powerful computers that use fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics) might be used by organizations such as the NSA to break our most sophisticated cyphers and get access to Americans’ information.

The almost unlimited processing power of such computers was felt to threaten our virtual security and privacy, and quantum computation was seen as the enemy of the cyber universe.

In the future, the development and applications of quantum cryptography will allow us to rest assured that our sensitive information in banks, hospitals, or government institutions will not be accessible to any hackers..

Nevertheless, most people’s information is not as sensitive as the information banks, hospitals, and governments manage every day.

Some information needs to remain inaccessible to hackers, like the transaction history of bank accounts, the medical records of all patients or the vote count of an election.

If you haven’t looked at the coin yet, it will be in a superposition of both states, heads and tails, at the same time; if you observe it, the coin will choose to be in only one of the states, either heads or tails.

This means that the sole act of a particle produces a change in the state of such particle; it’s almost as if nature itself was protecting the superposition from being eavesdropped!

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