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Who is bryton mcclure dating

Devon had to deal with the news that the daughter his Aunt Tyra has been raising as her own, is actually his half-sister - her mother is Yolanda as well.Devon helped his new sibling, Ana, deal with the truth about her parentage, and they collaborated on music together.* Once found himself trapped in a lion's cage while wandering the zoo late at night! * Became deaf after surviving meningitis, then went on to successfully hear through the use of hearing implants. * Discovered that his Aunt Tyra is raising his half-sister, Ana.

He ended up cheating on Roxy with her, which also hurt Neil, who was dating her.

However, after Lily realized the truth, Devon began to warm up to her by filling Lily in on his 'real' life.

After Lily found out that Devon was going to be kicked out of his current foster home, she persuaded her mother Dru - who had also grown up on the streets - to get involved.

Feeling grateful for his new life, Devon sought out his mother and found Yolanda strung out on crack.

He tried his best to help her start a new life, even convinced the Winters to take her in for a bit, but in the end, no matter what Devon did or who he had become, was enough to tear his mother away from drugs.

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Luckily, Lily's Uncle Malcolm was able to save him and pulled him out in time.

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