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To which the answer is: it’s Yiddish for a nobody, a nothing; although the whole phrase, “So they call you pisher”, or “So call me pisher” means something like “What does it matter? ”) The book is a memoir that’s mostly – and most memorably – about Rosen’s parents.(Interestingly, one of his other best books is , a book of prose-poems about the death of his 18-year-old son: Rosen seems to have the unusual gift of being able to write affectionately and intelligently about his family, without quite tipping over into schmaltz and sentimentality.) He fondly recalls his father, Harold, smattering his conversation with Yiddish, and his mother, Connie, who grew up “with a group of girls with names I used to conjure with, like Dinah Kesselman, Alice Kissin, Rene Roder, Bertha Sokolov, Fanny Greenspan – names that were nothing like the names of girls I knew.

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