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Windows dns not updating from dhcp

It has capabilities to manage and administor the complite Network which connect with AD. Active Directory is a data base which store a data base like your user information, computer information and also other network object info.A LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format) file is a file easily readable in any text editor, however it is not readable in programs like Excel.The major difference between CSVDE and LDIFDE (besides the file format) is the fact that LDIFDE can be used to edit and delete existing AD objects (not just users), while CSVDE can only import and export objects.Ans: Active Directory is directory service that stores information about objects on a network and makes this information available to users and network administrators.Active Directory gives network users access to permitted resources anywhere on the network using a single logon process.Ans 18: KCC ( knowledge consistency checker ) is used to generate replication topology for inter site replication and for intrasite in a site replication traffic is done via remote procedure calls over ip, while between site it is done through either RPC or SMTP.Ans 10 : Global Catalog Server is basically a container where you put the same type of member ,computer etc and applied the policies and security on the catalog server in place of individual user or computer.

This assists in removing objects from replicated servers and preventing restores from reintroducing a deleted directory is a domain controller which is use to authenticate and administrate the group of computer,user,server etc. all the policies and security will be applicable on the client machine which one is join the all this policies and security is defined in active directory.Ans : i m sorry i was given wrong ans of this question above but now im giving the exact ans of this question, and th ans which iwas given previously is the ans of Organisatinal Unit not of GC…..Administrators can use Repadmin to view the replication topology (sometimes referred to as Reps From and Reps To) as seen from the perspective of each domain controller.In addition, Repadmin can be used to manually create the replication topology (although in normal practice this should not be necessary), to force replication events between domain controllers, and to view both the replication metadata and up-to-dateness vectors.

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The domain controller in each site that owns this role is referred to as the Inter-Site Topology Generator (ISTG).

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